Welcome to YourSay,
the E.ON Next
customer panel.

YourSay is an online panel. It’s where people take part in activities that provide E.ON Next with key insights on their experiences of products, services or even general energy issues.

YourSay was set up to help put customers at the heart of E.ON Next’s business. Your feedback is seen and heard by people all over the company. It directly influences decisions they make. Your opinion really does count – you could help influence things like our tariffs, app and website. For those opinions, we’ll enter you into a monthly prize draw to win one of four £25 prizes.

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Meet the Team

Photo of Wendy


Researcher - E.ON Next

Wendy’s keen to hear your views and will share any feedback, thoughts and ideas with the wider E.ON Next business. This helps us improve the products and services we offer.

Photo of Euan


Researcher - Verve

Euan helps run some of your activities, and reviews your thoughts with E.ON Next. Along with his colleagues, he also feeds back to you, to explain how your opinions have helped.

Photo of Julie


Community manager - Verve

Julie looks after members, making sure you have just the right amount of activities to do. Julie’s your go-to person if you have any questions about the YourSay panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

YourSay is an online community found at yoursay.eonnext.com where E.ON Next customers have agreed to participate in online activities to provide E.ON Next with information about their experiences of various products and services.

To become a member of YourSay, you will have to register and answer a few questions about yourself. After you've successfully registered, we will ask you to complete some sort of online activity – either a survey or discussion group. Under normal circumstances, we will not contact you more than once per week. Activities cover various topics - we try to make them as interesting as possible and try to send ones that are relevant to you.

Our aim is to offer you interesting surveys that we hope you will find fun and rewarding. As a thank you for taking part in surveys, you will be automatically entered into the monthly prize draw. From time to time, there are some research projects that do include an additional incentive to take part, but these may not be available to everyone. Details of the prize draws and their terms and conditions can be seen here.

Membership of YourSay will not cost you anything. However, you will be responsible for covering any costs to you incurred by being online.

We would like you to participate in YourSay on a continuous basis. As an E.ON Next customer, you can stay part of the YourSay panel for as long as you like and you do not have to respond to all activities to which you are invited. However, if after several attempts of emailing you, you do not participate in any surveys, we may consider you an inactive member. Then we may terminate your membership. Please note that only E.ON Next customers can be part of YourSay.

Once you have clicked on the link in the email, you will be taken to a short profiling survey which will help us to send you surveys that we think you'll find of interest. Once you've done this, you will be live for us to send you surveys.

There are some questions that we ask in most surveys so that we can track customer opinions over time, to see how they change. Sometimes we ask a question at the start of a survey and again at the end - the question on whether you would recommend E.ON Next to a friend or colleague is a good example. We do this when we want to see if the topic matter has changed people's views over the course of answering the questions about it.

You can terminate your membership of YourSay at any time by sending an email to Julie@eonnextyoursay.com to unsubscribe.

Verve Partners Limited ("Verve") is an independent market research company that specialises in building and managing community panels. Verve is responsible for the maintenance of the YourSay, programming and hosting activities, and community administration. Further information about Verve can be found at www.addverve.com.

You will be notified of a new activity by email. You can then follow the simple instructions in the email.

We usually ask that surveys be completed within 10 days. However, some surveys may have a shorter turnaround time and others longer. Some completion deadlines may be extended. If you have trouble completing a survey on time, don't worry, you can always participate in the next one.

The findings from the research are presented to the key decision-makers at E.ON Next to ensure that suggestions you have made are taken forward.

If you have any questions, please email our support team.

If you experience a technical problem while completing an activity, please contact our support team.

We make every attempt to respond quickly to member enquiries and are committed to maintaining a high level of service. On average, we try to respond to messages within 24-48 hours if an enquiry is submitted during normal office hours, and on the next available working day if the enquiry is submitted on the weekend or a bank holiday.

The YourSay panel contains a wide-ranging group of customers. Some of our surveys are targeted at specific customers but, where surveys are measuring national opinion, the surveys are weighted to the UK population. So yes, they are representative.

We value member participation in YourSay and therefore are committed to your right to privacy. You should read both our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information on how we protect your privacy.

No. All the information you provide to YourSay is for market research purposes only. In some activities, we will ask whether you are willing to be re-contacted by E.ON Next about the content of that activity. If you say yes, we may pass your email address and responses for that activity to one of our researchers. In all other cases, the information you provide is confidential. You will receive no advertising or solicitations as a result of your participation. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Your answers will be combined with those from other YourSay panel members and reported at an aggregate level (e.g. 20% of community members think 'X'). The only time we would quote you personally is if a researcher follows up your response with your permission (see above) and you agree with the researcher to be quoted. In all other cases, comments will only be attributed to your first name.

You will need:

  • Access to a recent version of one of the common internet browsers.
  • An email account.
  • A web camera and sound card (this is required for some of the more interactive community features but is not compulsory for community membership).

Need more help? Contact our support team.

Please email our support team. In the email you send us, please can you copy and paste:

  1. the error message you have received
  2. the subject line from the survey invite email
Have you filled in all survey fields?

To submit a survey, all required fields need to be filled in – so please double check that you have completed all required rows and columns.

Have you only used whole numbers when entering numerical data?

Surveys can only take whole numbers, so please check also that you have used only whole numbers when entering numerical data (e.g. 99 but not 99.99).

If you have checked all of the above and are still having trouble completing or submitting a survey, please email our support team.

Alongside all of our questions there should be an explanation which clearly states how the question should be answered. If this explanation is not clear, please email our support team to let us know by clicking on the ‘Need more help?’ link below.

Need more help? Contact our support team.

Our support team is only able to deal with questions about the YourSay research activities or surveys.

Please direct technical issues with the EON Next website or EON Next customer services issues, to the E.ON Next customer service team.

Need more help? Contact our support team.

If you are sure you wish to unsubscribe from YourSay, please email our support team.